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Diamond jewelry has become a part of daily wear for the upper middle class of Kerala. Diamonds are being adventurously matched with metals like white gold and platinum for a chic, contemporary look. There are ever-favourite baguettes, marquis, classical white diamonds and equally fashionable black, blue and brown diamonds.

The weight of diamond is in terms of Carat (1 Diamond Carat = 200 Milligrams of Diamond). The 4 C's (Cut, Clarity, Caratage and Color) characterize a diamond and determines it's true value. Ornaments with precious and semi-precious stones move very slowly in the market. Except for diamonds, there is no resale value for the other precious stones. Delicate ornaments as well as diamonds are mostly purchased by the rich. While the middle class buyers who comprise the majority of customers in a middle and small jewellers' shop do not opt for the very intricate designs as they are costlier and one loses much in its exchange. Another main reason being its chance of breaking faster on frequent use.

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Following are graphically created diamond jewellery ideas. They are not photographs of any actual jewelry. is a fashion and jewellery portal with academic interests in jewellery styles and trends. We do not produce or sell any fashion or jewellery products.

Diamond Jewellery - 1 Spacer Diamond Jewellery - 2

Diamond Jewellery - 3 Spacer Diamond Jewellery - 4

Diamond Jewellery - 5 Spacer Diamond Jewellery - 6

Diamond Jewellery - 7 Spacer Diamond Jewellery - 8

Diamond Jewellery - 9 Spacer Diamond Jewellery - 10

Diamond Jewellery - 11 Spacer Diamond Jewellery - 12

Diamond Jewellery - 13 Spacer Diamond Jewellery - 14

Diamond Jewellery - 15 Spacer Diamond Jewellery - 16

Diamond Jewellery - 17 Spacer Diamond Jewellery - 18

Diamond Jewellery - 19 Spacer Diamond Jewellery - 20

Diamond Jewellery - 21

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